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Setting the Z axis User Home or Z Start Point (also, sometimes called Z Height) is an extremely important step that must be completed every time you mill. While you may choose to mill from the Machine Home on the X and Y axis, it's impossible to mill from the Machine Home on the Z axis.

Setting the Z User Home tells BoXZY where the bottom of the bit is and where the material starts. BoXZY does not know this until you manually define this point by setting the Z User Home.

With your milling bit directly over the X0 and Y0 User or Machine Home positions (shown in the first image) unlock your Milling Head and gently slide it down until the bit is resting directly on the material, as shown by red arrows in the second image. Do not clamp it in place just yet.

You may need to move your milling platform up or down so the milling bit can rest on the surface of the material.

With the Attachment Mount clamp still unlocked, fine tune the position of the Z plate until the bit is resting on the surface of the material and the base of the Makita body is nearly flush with the base of the Attachment Mount, as shown in the third image.

Type G92 Z0 into your G-code input line and select Send.

Test that it is set correctly by entering G1 Z0 into your G-code input line. If your Z User Home is set correctly, the Milling Head shouldn't move.

Lock your Milling Head firmly into the Attachment Mount and check that it is tight, you do not want your Milling Head to come loose while milling your file.