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In CNC milling you'll use CAM Software to create toolpaths that are generated into G-code scripts for you to use in BoXZY.

Why is this different from generating G-code scripts for 3D printing or laser etching?

Milling requires more user observations and setup than etching or 3D printing. Settings must always be determined individually for each part based on many factors.

Don't get overwhelmed by the amount of details it seems you need to understand. There are simpler options for the beginner provided below.

There are countless resources that explain CAM and CNC Milling online, like CNC Cookbook. Feel free to search for further resources. We will also provide some basics in this guide. Don't get lost, you don't have to understand everything.

Milling objects from foam or machinable wax will allow you to make mistakes without serious consequences, as long as you work safely and pay attention. Some things will be difficult to understand without experience, so don't be scared to gain some!