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Learning how to create milling files in CAM takes time and practice. Our CNC milling guides mainly focus on what to do after the file has been created, but we've included some resources to get you started with designing in CAM.

Beginners can get started with our Easy CAM Guide, which explains how to create milling files using Easel's browser-based CAM.

Advanced users can learn more about CAM with Autodesk Fusion 360 by checking out this Fusion CAM writeup.

Be cautious and do not focus on optimizing your CAM creation for ultimate speed until you have mastery of using your BoXZY.

Z0 should always be set as the surface of the raw material in your CAM setup to match the real world setup procedure for BoXZY. This way plunges happen only with negative distance/coordinates.

To learn more about determining speed, feed rate, stepover, and depth per pass for your milling file, check out this Answer: Table of CNC feeds and speeds....