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The second method is to drill through your material (and the sacrificial plate if it's needed), then bolt it to the Milling Platform using 2 or more of the holes drilled into it. You'll need to grab a marker or pen that can mark your chosen material.

The best location to do this is at the very edges of BoXZY's platform, where the milling bit will not be able to reach. You won't always be able to avoid clamping within BoXZY's range of travel. We'll talk about how to account for this in the next step.

You will often want your material to be square or parallel with one or more axes.

You can align your material by temporarily inserting the Milling Head and moving one axis at a time, aligning the edges of the material to the bit at each end of the movement.

Once the material is aligned, mark it through the Milling Platform from underneath, as shown in the first image.

Take your material off of the Milling Platform and drill holes through it where you made your marks, as seen in the second image.

Place your material back onto the Milling Platform and line up the holes you drilled to the holes on the platform. Using a bolt, washers, and a nut, bolt the material down through your holes, as shown by the green arrows in the third image.