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The first method is clamping the material directly to the Milling Platform.

You will often want your material to be square or parallel with one or more axes.

You can align your material by temporarily inserting the Milling Head and moving one axis at a time, aligning the edges of the material to the bit at each end of the movement, as shown in the first image.

Clamp both edges of your material to the Milling Platform once aligned.

Move each axis through its full range of movement to verify the clamps are not in the travel path.

If you are using cantilever clamps, like the ones that are provided with BoXZY Loaded, make sure the clamp is oriented so that the knob is on the top surface, as shown by green arrows in the second image. This will maintain a lower profile so that the clamps will not impact your machine when the Z is plunging.

One of the purposes of an air pass is to visually evaluate if your mounting method will allow contact during your milling operation.

Tighten your clamps well. If your material moves while it is being cut you will not get good results and may damage your part and/or your bit.