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When cutting entirely through a material, you need to secure a sacrificial board to the Milling Platform under your work material. This allows you to cut entirely through the milling material without cutting into the metal Milling Platform. We've provided you with one, as shown in the first image.

If you are engraving material or not cutting all the way through, you won't need a sacrificial board.

The red circle in the second image shows where the user milled clear through the primary material into the sacrificial board. This is how you are able to cut all the way through your primary working material without damaging your platform.

You can mill a flat, recessed pocket into your sacrificial board to create a perfectly flat and level mounting surface for very high accuracy operations. Use this technique for milling and drilling PCBs, very thin material, or highly detailed engravings.

The sacrificial board can be any material that is easier to cut than the primary material you're cutting through. HDPE plastic and various soft woods are commonly used materials.