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Sometimes you may be limited in your mounting options based on the process or material shape you're using. This may require clamps or hardware to be placed within the X and Y travel at Z0.

An example can be seen in the first image of a fixture that has a clamp obstructing the Machine Home position, circled in green. "Homing" the X or Y axis at Z0 would lead to a crash.

In a situation like this, you will need to establish an "Offset" for the X0 and Y0, creating a new starting point further inside BoXZY's platform, out of the way of the X and Y travel. We call this establishing a User Home.

The second image shows the original X0 and Y0, or Machine Home, in green. We can set a User Home at X25 Y25, shown in orange. This way we create a home position after the clamp, so the machine can start from, and return to 0, 0 without crashing. Most importantly the Z can be set properly off the surface of the mounted material.

We discuss how to create an offset by setting a User Home in THIS manual.

This is also useful if you just want to mill on a different portion of the material blank without going back into your CAM program or re-mounting the material. Offset gives you control of what area the gcode script will execute over, assuming the job is small enough to be moved around