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Make sure the wires are not crossing and are positioned on the correct side of the board before plugging them back in to their corresponding plugs.

Begin plugging the wires back in to the appropriate outlets. Refer to the electrical diagram for reference to make sure you are plugging the wires in to the correct spots.

NOTE: This electrical diagram contains an error in the ground wire position. Please refer to this service bulletin for the correct wiring procedure. The filament drive wire colors are also reversed. Gray wire should be towards the top, not blue.

Plug the Z Long and Z short wires in first . They're the red and black wires on the bottom left of the board.

Next, plug in the motor harnesses. Wrap the top left harness behind the board and plug it into the Y prongs. Plug the top right harness into the X prongs and the bottom right harness into the Z prongs. The filament motor plug stays on the board's right side and corresponds to the filament prongs.

Make sure that the shiny side of each motor plug is facing to the right when plugged in. The diagram refers to which panel the motor is bolted into (back vs side), not its physical location.