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If you'd like to use a larger screen or to demonstrate how to use the BoXZY interface in a classroom setting, it's easy to connect the BoXZY Smart Controller to a television screen, either by HDMI cable or by wireless connection.

To connect wirelessly, you must either have a Wi-Fi enabled Smart TV or some other way to connect to your home Wi-Fi network (e.g. - using Roku or another type of Wi-Fi transmitting device).

To connect via HDMI: Use an HDMI cable to connect your TV to the HDMI port on the back of the BoXZY Smart Controller (#7 in the "At a Glance" diagram from Steps 1 and 2).

From the Windows desktop, swipe from the far right side of the screen toward the screen's center. The “Action Center” menu will pop up. At the bottom of the Action Center menu, there is a grid of icons. Select “Project” with your finger or mouse, shown in the orange box in the first image.

Select your desired projection option from the Project menu, shown in the second image.

To connect via Wi-Fi: Select your desired projection option from the Project menu, then select the "Connect to a wireless display" link (indicated by the green box in the third image). The Smart Controller will search for nearby wireless display options to connect to.