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Join the tabs on the edge of the back panel with the slots on the edge of a side panel. Which ever side panel you choose, we will now call side1. (Shown in first picture.)

Make sure your back panel is in the correct orientation. The side panel is symmetrical so you can join either edge.

The top edge of each panel has a single tab in the center.

Add 3 corner brackets where you see 3 pairs of holes going down the corner joint. Secure the brackets with the M3x8 bolts and M3 hex nuts provided in your enclosure kit. You'll need the M2.5 allen key from your BoXZY's Fix-it Kit to get a nice tight hold. A pair of pliers are useful but aren't necessary. (Shown in second and third picture.)

Make sure the edge of the back panel is flush against the side panel before tightening the bolts all the way.

It is possible to crack the acrylic by over-tightening the bolts.