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Next we will prep the hot end for installation.

Cut 4.5 inches of Teflon tape.

Fold the piece of Teflon tape lengthwise.

Wrap Teflon tape around the hotend in the same direction as the threading.

As shown in the last image, now is a good time to set your thermistor (white wires) and heater cartridge (red wires) in place.

Slide the metal cylinder of you heater cartridge into the largest opening in our hot end. Center it so that you have even heating throughout. Once in place, tighten down a 2.5mm set screw on the side of the hot end to secure the heater in place.

There is a smaller hole adjacent to your heater cartidge, this is where your thermistor will go. Put a small dollop of thermal paste over top of the thermistor opening. Then slowly and carefully press your thermistor through the paste and into the opening. Link for thermal paste is at the beginning of this guide.

Allow the thermal paste to dry for at least 6 hours. We recommend you let it set overnight. Once it has had time to set check to make sure that everything is secure by GENTLY tugging on the wires. Do not pull on them too hard, they will pull out.