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The 24 VDC power supply is heavy. Securing it to the 22" x 10" plywood board with the 1-1/2" angle brackets is the easiest way to keep it in place.

Step #1: Measure the dimensions of the power supply, locate the mounting holes on the power supply and figure out how best to lay out the angle brackets so they line up with the mounting holes on the 24 VDC power supply)

Step #2: Screw the angle brackets into the wood using eight (8) #10 Robertson cap screws (1/2" long)

Step #3: Screw in the 4-40 x 1/4" screws through the angle brackets into the 24 VDC power supply to secure it to the panel.

*NOTE: Steps #2 & #3 can be reversed if needed). The picture also shows the angle brackets mounted inwards