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The BOXZY accepts a 5.5mm OD / 2.5mm ID barrel plug for the power supply. This is how we connect the barrel jack cable to the 24 VDC power supply.

Step #1: The barrel connector used in the BOXZY has a HOT (+POSITIVE) inner core, and the (-NEGATIVE) outer core. For this cable the red wire is the inner (+POSITIVE), but the blue wire is the (-NEGATIVE) outer core.

Step #2: Wire the inner core wire (RED/+POSITIVE) to the +V of the DC output of the DC power supply.

Step #3: Wire the outer core wire (BLUE/-NEGATIVE) to the -V of the DC output of the DC power supply

Step #4: Strain relief is necessary to prevent the cable from being ripped out.

Step #5: Measure the cable diameter, and find a drill bit the same diameter as the cable.

Step #6: Drill a hole in a wood block using the drill bit, then cut the wooden block in half. Pre-drill some 1/8" holes to serve as guides for #8 screws (ensure they do not cross where the cable will go). Now we screw the wood block down over the barrel cable to serve as strain relief to keep the cable from pulling loose.