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Now we connect the 24VDC power supply to the PVC Outdoor Weatherproof Double Gang Device Box. Look at the first 12 seconds of the video to see the process. Note in my setup I did not buy enough 3/4" connectors and used a 1/2" connector instead. This was sub-optimal because I had to feed both the power bar wire & the 24VDC AC supply in same hole

Step #1: Get the PVC outdoor weatherproof device box, And a 3/4" threaded strain relief connector, and the 9ft long replacement appliance power cable.

Step #2: Make sure the cord is UNPLUGGED. Cut 9" off the end of the replacement cord (the end with the exposed wires. DO NOT CUT NEAR THE THREE PRONG CORD). Strip the outer insulation of the last 3" of each side of the cut off wire. Do not strip any of the insulation off of the ends of the green/white/black wires.

Step #3: Knock out three (3) of the 3/4" diameter holes in the device box. They are initially sealed, but can be knocked out easily enough by stabbing in with a screwdriver.

Step #4: Feed the wire through the 3/4" diameter strain relief connector (remember the wire feeds through Cap/Gland/connector/ gasket.). Do not tighten the connector yet onto the wire. (Note: in my picture I have both the power bar wire & 3-wires going through a single 1/2" connector. This is suboptimal & the other way with two 3/4" is better)

Step #5: Feed the green/black/white wires though one of the 3/4" holes, and thread the 3/4" connector into the 3/4" hole. Tighten the connector (with the gasket) onto the PVC outdoor device box. It should now be snug, but the cable can move freely though the connector.

Step #6: Strip 1/4" of insulation off of the green/black/white wires near the DC power supply. On the DC power supply, connect BLACK to L (Live). Connect WHITE to N (Neutral). Connect GREEN to ground.

Step #7: Pull the rest of the wire into the device box (this shortens the amount of wire outside the device box). Leave enough length of wire outside the box to be able to locate the box near the DC power supply. Now tighten the cap on the connector to keep it from pulling loose.