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A power bar connected to this power supply can be used to power external devices for the BOXZY. At our lab we use this to powerthe router, when CNC milling, and both the heated bed & the active cooling line for our E3D V6 hotend, when 3D printing. We are wiring the power bar so it will also be shut down by hitting the emergency stop.

Step #1: Figure out the best location for the power bar on the wood panel next to the 24VDC supply & mark the cable where it would be inside the device box & mark the power bar cable with a marker. Now cut off the 3-prong connector near head, & strip the outer insulation down to the marker line. DO NOT CUT THE 3-WIRES OR STRIP THEIR INSULATION)

Step #2: Attach an appropriate gland to the 3/4" connector to hold the cable in place. Feed the power-bar-cable through the 3/4" connector (and gasket) and then through the 3/4" hole in the enclosure. Tighten the 3/4" connector against the device box. Do not tighten the connector cap against the cable.

Step #3: Move the power bar to the best location and secure it to the board. We used two #8 cap screws as mounting screws, drilled them into the wooden panel, then fitted the power bar onto the screws, and we drilled some holes into the panel in order to zip-tie the cables in place. Now the power bar is fixed in place.

Step #4: Now make any adjustments to the power bar cable the power bar cable inside the device box until the cable is properly set, and tighten the cap on the connector. Now the power bar is properly fixed in place (but not connected to AC power.)