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Now we show how to connect the E-Stop to the dual gang box. Get the two (2) 1/2" strain relief connectors, and the E-Stop button, and the rest of the 14 Gauge appliance replacement cable. Make sure that the appliance replacement plug IS UNPLUGGED FROM THE WALL.

Step #1: Take the remainder of the 9ft long replacement extension cord, and cut off 11" of the outer jacket of the appliance cable. Leave the insulation on the BLACK (Live) / WHITE (Neutral)/ GREEN (GND). DO NOT CUT OFF THE BLACK/WHITE/GREEN WIRES. (yet)

Step #2: Take E-STOP button, & use a screwdriver to pop out both the 1/2" holes. Unscrew the screws from the E-STOP and open the E-STOP so you can see the terminal blocks. Feed extension cord through the 1/2" Strain relief connector (& gasket), and into the E-STOP (hole labelled TOP).

Step #3: Screw the 1/2" connector tightly into the E-Stop using the plastic nut in E-STOP. Remove cap & gland from the other 1/2" strain relief connector. Connect other end of connector to one of the 3/4" connection holes on the dual gang box. Screw them together tightly so E-Stop is connected tightly to dual gang box & lies flat on panel

Step #4: Now take the 10" of Black & White wires. DO NOT CUT THE GREEN WIRE. measure 8" of black and white wire sticking out from replacement appliance cable & cut them off. Set the 8" cutoff black & white wires aside. Strip 1/4" insulation from end of of the black&white wires remaining on cable, and screw them into TOP of E-Stop terminals.

Step #5: Now strip 1/4" of insulation off of on end of the 8" black and white wires, and wire them into the bottom terminals of the E-Stop. Now feed the 8" black/white/wires and 10" uncut green wire through the strain relief connector into the dual gang box.

Step #6: Fit the top of the E-stop back into place on the E-Stop. Now screw it in place.