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DO NOT PLUG POWER INTO THE BOXZY YET. Test the power supply. See if the 24VDC power supply provides 24 VDC. See if the power bar supplies 110 VAC. See if pressing the E-STOP button kills power to the 24 VDC power supply and the power bar. See if resetting the E-Stop turns power back on. (Basic testing).

Step #1: Make sure the 24VDC is NOT plugged into the BOXZY

Step #2: Plug in the power supply. Use a digital multimeter to test if the barrel connector provides 24 VDC. Set the multimeter to measure AC voltage. Now see if the power bar supplies power (see if the switch on the power bar is powered on).

Step #3: Hit the E-stop to see if the power is still on. It should still be off

Step #4: reset the E-Stop and see if power is still on.