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The power supply has been built. Control board must be modified to avoid blowing out the 3D printer canister cooling fan, and to avoid overheating the board by replacing the 12 VDC regulator with a cooler running 12 VDC regulator that can more easily handle converting 24 VDC to 12 VDC. Special thanks to NEATHERBOT for the info in this section.

This is the link to Neatherbot's tutorial for upgrading the 12 VDC regulator on the control board to a more efficient 12 VDC switching regulator.

Step #1: Go to the BOXZY, loosen the screws holding on the control board cover (use an m2.5 metric Allan key)

Step #2: Slip the case off screws and now use the same m2.5mm allan key to remove the three (3) screws holding the board onto the BOXZY. SAVE THE SCREWS and the plastic offsets.

Now you can reach the 12 VDC regulator