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We will now use a soldering iron, a solder braid/solder wick and a solder sucker to desolder and remove the old 12 VDC regulator from the board, and replace it

Step #1: Preheat the soldering iron. make sure the tip is clean and use the solder wick to remove the solder from around the 7812 regulator. Do not pull hard (avoid damaging the traces on the board). Use flat cutters to cut the 7812 off the board, then use the soldering iron to heat the remaining pin pieces and pull them out of the board.

Step #2: Clean the holes using the soldering iron and the solder sucker, and the solder braid.

Step #3: Now insert the RECOM R-78C12 DC-DC 12 VDC switching regulator to the board (orient it the same way the 7812 was oriented.). Solder the leads to the board.