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The cooling fan used in the 3D printer canister is a 12V cooling fan that is run overpowered at 19V. If we upgrade the power supply to 24V we will burn it out. To solve this we will replace the 12 VDC fan (dimensions 40mm x 28mm) with a 24 VDC fan (dim 40mm x 28mm).

P.S: Initially I tried wiring a 24 to 12 VDC step-down regulator between the fan power output on the board and the wires feeding power and signals to the BOXZY 3D print head, but this is a better solution).

Step #1: Locate the 3D printer canister. Unscrew the six (6) screws from the top (including the ones in the handle) so that the red disc on the top can be removed.

Step #2: locate the black and red wires coming from the fan, and see which wires they were spliced to. In my case (FAN:RED -> BOXZY:BLACK) & (FAN:BLACK -> BOXZY:PINK).

Step #3: Make sure the power is OFF to the BOXZY. Strip off the heat- shrink insulation used by BOXZY to connect the 12 VDC fan to the canister. Unscrew the 12VDC fan from the red disc and put it aside.

Step #4: Now screw on the new 24 VDC fan. The side of the 24 VDC fan with the label should be VISIBLE. (IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE LABEL WHEN YOU PUT IT IN, YOU SCREWED THE FAN ON BACKWARDS). Slip some heat shrink tubing onto both the red and black wires from the 24 VDC fan.

Step #5: Connect the wires from the fan to the wires from the BOXZY canister header (FAN:RED -> BOXZY:BLACK) & (FAN:BLACK -> BOXZY:PINK). Solder them together, then after the solder has cooled, slip the heat shrink tubing over the solder joints and heat the tubing until the joints are properly covered.

Step #6: Now fit the red disc back onto the canister and screw all six (6) screws (and the handle) back onto the printer head canister.