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The BOXZY uses a 12 VDC heater cartridge for the 3D printer and runs it at 19 VDC. With this upgrade, the heater cartridge is upgraded to a 24 VDC heater cartridge operating at 24 VDC.

Step #1: Take the hot end, and loosen the screw that keeps the 12 VDC heater cartridge attached. Pull out the old 12 VDC heater cartridge and insert the new 24 VDC heater cartridge.

Step #2: unscrew the plate that holds the hot end inside the canister, and pull out the hotend. Locate the point where the two (2) wires for the 24 VDC hotend are 4" (or more) from the hotend, and cut the wires that were feeding power to the 12 VDC cartridge. Strip 1/4" of insulation from the ends of the wires to be soldered.

Step #3: Slip 1" of heat shrink tubing over the wires for the 24 VDC heater. move the shrink wrap away from the exposed leads. so heat from soldering iron will not prematurely shrink the tubing. Now measure the length of wires needed for the 24 VDC heater, and cut the wires to length, and strip off an additional 1/4" of insulation from the wires

Now solder the wires together (order does not matter) so that the 24 VDC heater is connected to the canister heater power lines. Let the wires cool, then slip the heat shrink tubing over the exposed solder joints. Use a heat source to shrink the tubing over the exposed solder joints.

Now coil the wire back into the 3D printer canister, re-insert the hotend head, and tighten the screws to reattach it. Make sure that there are no wires getting pinched or excessively strained.

Do not forget to reattach the insulating silicone sleeve cover on the hotend of the 3D printer extruder.