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Reattach the control board, to the BOXZY. Also decide if we want to upgrade the stepper motor drivers (I RECOMMEND UPGRADING THE STEPPER MOTOR DRIVERS)

Step #1: Screw control board back onto BOXZY (DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE THE NYLON SPACERS). Afterwards verify if we want to upgrade the motor controllers (BOXZY initially used A4988 stepper drivers). I recommend upgrading to the DRV8255 motor drivers instead of A4988 because they handle higher voltages better).

Step #2: Verify that all the wires are still properly fitted into their sockets, and that they did not detach while the board was off of the BOXZY.

Step #3: Decide whether to upgrade the stepper motor drivers on the control board. The BOXZY initially used A4988 stepper motor drivers (see the link here If one of them burns out they will need replacement. I suggest using the DRV8255 stepper motor drivers shown here

Step #4: If you do decide to upgrade the stepper motor drivers, then follow the optional steps 2.G & 2.H on the next two pages.