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Disconnect the power cable from the machine when doing any modifications to the electronics

Locate leads 1 and 3 on your heated board. Solder the positive terminal to 1 and the negative terminal to 3. Do this so the other side of the board remains perfectly flat.

Cover the other side with a piece of electrical tape to keep it from shorting against the metal platform. VERY IMPORTANT. If you short these wires against the metal body or platform it will damage the Arduino, it's an easy fix, but nobody likes down time!

This wiring setup allows you to only run half of the heated board. Since the board is 8.5" square, and uses more power than necessary (at 19V vs 12V) or than we have available. We're now able to heat a 8.5" x 4.5" area with the correct wattage. The thick aluminum platform will conduct the heat and allow for good thermal distribution.

Solder your NTC 3950 thermistor to two long wires. Shown here I used a broken harness so I would be able to disconnect the bed when I wanted to mill.

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