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With your old or new bearing inserted, insert the bolts and use an Allen Wrench to turn the bolts until they catch the threading on the build plate and leave the bolts not fully turned

From the bottom of your BoXZY, reinsert the rod, be sure that the mount is facing the correct way, the Wide Side facing the front of the BoXZY and the Short Side facing the side of the BoXZY

Guide the rod through the bearing on your build plate and into the top rod mount, the one we used a ball ended Allen wrench to remove the bolt from

Use your ball ended Allen wrench to tighten the bolt on the top of the Z axis rod mount, turn it until you feel resistance and then turn it 1/4 of a full rotation and no further

Make sure you do not tighten the flanged bearing in place before the rods has been full re-installed.