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To tighten the bearing to the build plate you will need to turn each of the 4 bolts 1/4 of a full turn in an X pattern

The bolt behind that is nearest the corner of the BoXZY aluminum frame, behind the Z axis rod, will be be difficult to tighten and so long as you tighten all of the other bolts adequately you do not need to worry about this bolt being equally tight

Turn the bolt at the front of your build plate 1/4 turn, this is shown in the image

Turn the bolt diagonal from it 1/4 turn

Turn the bolt nearest the corner of build plate 1/4 turn

Turn the bolt in the corner of the BoXZY aluminum frame 1/4 turn

Repeat this process until you feel resistance and then turn each bolt 1/4 turn

This step may take a while but it is important that you tighten each bolt one at a time, in order and not all the way at one time