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When using BoXZY's laser and mill, everyone in the same room as the machine should always wear appropriate eye protection. Unless you are milling ferrous metals, a debris evacuation system is not necessary to protect the machine, but vacuuming the machine after heavy milling jobs is good practice.

Many of our users have created their own solutions to combat debris when milling and to protect their units. Read on to find some more information about what the BoXZY Community has used on their machines!

Milling Evacuation Solutions

Zip tying sponges around the ends of the ballscrews is a surprisingly effective (and cheap) way to protect your ballnuts from debris.

Some BoXZers have printed dust shoes with their 3D printer attachments that can be hooked up to a Shop-Vac to remove debris as the mill moves. You can find more information on what other users have tried BoXZY CNC Vacuum Hood / Dust Collector / Dust Shoe.

Enclosure Systems

You can also create your own enclosure or ventilation device. We have had many users create hutches for their BoXZY out of wood and/or acrylic. They attach a shop vac to the hutch and run BoXZY's milling function within this enclosure. You can see an example below.

Block Image

Laser Blocking Systems

BoXZY uses a 2W 445nm non-pulsed diode laser with a 0.1-0.2mm focal point at 47 mrad. If the machine is not enclosed, everyone in view of the laser should wear laser blocking glasses rated for 445nm with an OD +3 or greater. Never try to engrave on reflective materials. If it is not possible for everyone to wear glasses or you are required to use an enclosure, this plastic blocks all the light from BoXZY's laser.

As long as BoXZY is being operated in a well-ventilated room, you do not need a fume evacuation system; the laser is not powerful enough to create excessive fumes. However, some institutions do require an evacuation system. The hutch below was designed to extract fumes and block the laser when being used in a classroom setting.

Block Image
Block Image
Block Image
Block Image


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