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Cutting Tools for BoXZY

We recommend the following characteristics when sourcing endmills:

  • Carbide
  • 2-flute (4-flute have very limited uses and it’s unlikely you would need them)
  • Square-nose OR ball-nose
  • 1/4" shaft size to fit into mill’s collet

Endmills can be found on

The following end mills are what we recommend you use to get started with BoXZY:

Block Image

Using Custom-Sized Collets and Collet Reducers

There are a few ways to use bit diameters that aren’t 1/4 “ shaft size.

You can use ‘’’custom sized collets’’’ that are available for purchase here.

You can also use a ‘’’collet reducer’’’ (also known as a collet adapter). A collet reducer adapts smaller bits to BoXZY's 1/4" shank. These insert into BoXZY's Milling Head. You can get them for many size bits.

You do not strictly need a collet reducer. You can do a great deal with a 1/4" bit, but you may wish to use smaller bits as you start different milling projects. You can purchase these here.

Pictured below are two very common sizes of collet reducers: 1/4” to 1/8” and 1/4” to 3/16”

Block Image

Amana Tool also makes 1/4” to metric adapters (pictured below), so you can use a wider variety of bit sizes:

Block Image


Thank you this is very helpful!!

Jakrey Myers - Reply

It'd be much better if instead of collet adapters we could actually get collets for smaller shafts. Any recommendations?

smurf - Reply

After looking at the MscDirect web site and being new to end mills I'm finding it hard to narrow down what mills I need as suggested above. They also don't seam to sell Amana brand for end mills, or did I miss something. How about some item / part numbers to make this less painless?

Jeremy Sabatini - Reply

Smurf: Check these:

Courtesy of Walter over at Thrinter, who seems to be really putting Boxzy through its paces nicely. He has a 'stuff' page that contains LOTs of cool ideas and goodies.

Nate Weathington - Reply

Thank you Nate. Any new tips?

Vova Kochevnik -

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