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Revision to Preparing to use BoXZY

Mary Poppins

* Before setting up your BoXZY read about the [guide|118|BoXZY Parts and Terminology]
* Before using your BoXZY read the [guide|113|Safe and Basic Use Guide]
* If you encounter any problems as you work through the guides, chances are that someone’s been there before. Check the Answers section for previously asked questions. You can use the Dozuki search feature to search for topics like “clogged nozzle” or “g-code.”
* If you have any questions about using BoXZY as you work through the guides, you can send them to We’ll answer all questions as quickly as we can.
* Take your time to read and understand each guide. It is important that you do not move forward in a guide or to a new guide if you are not having success or do not understand a step(s) in a guide. We understand it may be tempting to skip sections or skim the guide for a first time user. Please do not do so. BoXZY must be setup properly or it may create undesirable behavior and may be difficult to pinpoint the issue

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