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[title|Preparing to use BoXZY]
[summary]This wiki will cover a few key notes for having success with BoXZY[/summary]
* Before setting up your BoXZY read about the [guide|118|BoXZY Parts and Terminology]
* Before using your BoXZY read the [guide|113|Safe and Basic Use Guide]
* Take your time to read and understand each guide. It is important that you do not move forward in a guide or to a new guide if you are not having success or do not understand a step(s) in a guide. We understand it may be tempting to skip sections or skim the guide for a first time user. Please do not do so. BoXZY must be setup properly or it may create undesirable behavior that will be difficult to pinpoint.
* Learn at your own pace and set realistic expectations for yourself and your projects. Mastering the understanding and skills to produce the result you want for can take time.
* We encourage you to pursue other resources about 3D Printing, CNC Milling and Laser Etching to enrich your capabilities and broaden your making experience with BoXZY. The Maker Community is very large and there are countless internet forums about 3D Printing, CNC Milling and Laser Etching/Cutting.
* BoXZY is a maker machine that makes in 3 ways. Understanding the differences in the flow from design to production will help you set expectations.
* Please use our guides frequently as a reference each time before you begin 3D Printing, CNC Milling or Laser Etching/Cutting