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If you are having the following issues you should go through the steps in this guide

  • "No Start Signal Detected - Forcing Restart" error is displaying
  • BoXZY is not responding to interface commands
  • Interface says machine is connected, but machine is not responding
  • Interface will not connect to the machine

Tests and Solutions

Before beginning these tests, confirm that you are using the USB cord that came with your BoXZY and that the power switch on the bottom of the electronics board cover is in the "On" position. Once both of these are confirmed, proceed to the steps below.

Solution 1

The most common cause is that the Auto Port detect is attempting to connect to the incorrect USB port on your computer. You can resolve this by manually selecting your port. Click on "Config" at the top of your screen and select"Printer Settings" in the drop down menu. Select the "Port" drop down menu. You should see multiple ports listed, as shown in the picture below. Unplug your USB cable, replug it in, and select the port that disappears and reappears. You will need to disconnect and reconnect to your machine after selecting the new port for the change to take effect.

Block Image

Solution 2

Allowing "Repetier-Server" to install after the BoXZY interface installs disrupts the machine's connection. You should immediately click "close" after it asks if you would like to set this up, otherwise it will connect BoXZY to a network, and not directly to your computer, making BoXZY unresponsive. This is, of course, unless you would like to run BoXZY from a network and not directly from the interface. To undo this, click "Stop Server" before connecting to BoXZY as shown in the image below. You will need to do this every time you re-open the interface unless you completely remove "Repetier-Server" from your computer.

Block Image

Solution 3

It is possible that the "Arduino" software was installed incorrectly or not at all. To install, perform step 1 of Setting up your BoXZY 1.2. The machine will not be responsive if this was not completed.

Solution 4

If nothing has changed, go back into "Printer Settings" and change the baud rate to 115200. Then go to Start Menu and right click on Computer and select Manage. This will open the Computer Management Window. Under System Tools open the Device Manager. Double click on Ports (COM & LPT). One of the devices listed should be Arduino Mega 2650. Double click on this device and go to the port settings tab. Change the baud rate to 115200.

Block Image

Customer Support

If after performing all of these tests your BoXZY is still not working, please contact

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