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Voltage Converter Resource Wiki

This is a resource page for international backers from regions with 220-240V who need to run BoXZY through a voltage converter. If you've sourced your own and would like to share, leave a link in the comments. We've also included some hackable solutions that we've verified will work with BoXZY.

Regional Voltage Converter Resources

For our international BoXZYers, we recommend the LiteFuze convertingbox 3000 Light Weight Voltage Converter Transformer to use with your BoXZY.

Hackable Solutions

BoXZY is yours to run however you’d like so if you enjoy alternative solutions, we’ve verified an additional method that other users have suggested. If you’re comfortable with running your machine without the e-stop and the key-switch functionality, then this solution will work great!

You can use a 220W universal laptop power supply like the one in the link below to power BoXZY in your native region.

You can use the one that we sourced, or you can find your own. Just make sure that it has a cable with an outer diameter of 5mm and an inner diameter of 2.5mm, that it exceeds 100W and runs on 19V. BoXZY itself will never exceed 100W of power while engraving or 3D printing.

In order to run the router in your native region without need for a voltage converter, you can use the European version of the Makita that BoXZY uses. The model number is RT0700C. They have been discontinued by Makita but you can still find them online. A backer shared these links in the comments on the Kickstarter page.

Plug BoXZY in the laptop power supply and plug the Makita into your native power outlet and BoXZY is ready to mill!


200W+ Laptop power supplies can be a bit hard to find. Great to know that 100W will do.

I bought a 180W universal one and modified the plug. Total cost ±50€.

I have yet to get Boxzy running because I'm on OSX, but the power supply seems to work.

The Makita RT0700C is readily available from a lot of different sources in Europe. On the Dutch Makita site it does not appear to be discontinued at all:

The router can be found with a single attachment for edge milling: the RT0700C.

But if you like you can buy a set with 4 different attachments to give you a full fledged woodworking router: the RT0700CX3J

Shop around for a good price!

I bought this one:

Maurits Hermans - Reply

AUSTRALIA - This is the one that I am using with my BoXZY:-

It is solidly built in Australia, quiet and states can be run 24/7.

Peter Bezer - Reply

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